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Conscious Hotel Westerpark



0. Bar Kantoor exterior - ©Nooij Photography.jpgVergroot afbeelding2. Bar Kantoor interior - ©Arjen Veldt.jpgVergroot afbeeldingConscious Hotel Westerpark_12 © URVR Productions.jpgVergroot afbeelding

For Conscious Hotel Westerpark, we transformed the original, monumental building into a stunning eco-sexy, 89-room hotel. Situated in lush Westerpark, one side of the hotel overlooks the cultural grounds of Westergasfabriek (a former gas works) - a hotspot for cultural events and bustling markets - while on the other side, there’s a tranquil, green park - perfect for morning walks. At Conscious Café, you’ll find everything you need for a day in the park starting with a coffee to go throughout the day and plenty of healthy and not so healthy (but delicious) snacks. While Bar Kantoor offers 100% organic à la carte breakfast and will meet your foody cravings with all-day eats and drinks at the bar or on the large terrace.

Website: Conscious Hotel Westerpark

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