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Conscious Hotel Museum Square



Conscious Hotel Museum Square_11 © Quincy Engelhardt.jpgVergroot afbeeldingConscious Hotel Museum Square_10_lobby © Quincy Engelhardt.jpgVergroot afbeeldingConscious Hotel Museum Square_13 © Quincy Engelhardt.jpgVergroot afbeelding

Conscious Hotel Museum Square might be close to the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum but it's no 'museum piece', goodness no, it's got a hip, contemporary feel to it. That means a fresh, clean, contemporary look with the emphasis on comfort. We particularly spent a long time choosing great beds for you so you can have sweet dreams. The rooms are spacious and very suitable for families or for complete strangers who just fancy sharing a room. We believe in giving every one of our guests a warm welcome so you get the most out of your stay in Amsterdam. Ask at Reception if there's anything you need. We run the hotel according to environmentally-sound principles and have been Green Key Gold Certified. For example, all the wood in our furniture comes from sustainable forest sources and hotel cleaning is carried out using an ‘Ionator’ which doesn't use any chemicals. Your breakfast is 100% organic and there are plenty of healthy choices but we won't force you to survive on

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